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“Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.” 
― Allen Saunders

Life is full of obstacles, complexities and unknowns but having a sound plan in place can provide confidence. At Heald Financial Advisors your personally designed plan is based off of your unique circumstances that will help guide you through your journey. Whether you are saving for college, buying a house, starting a family, having budget issues or beginning to think about retirement, having a real-time plan in place will allow us to consider multiple outcomes and make confident decisions in a timely manner. 

A plan that is easy to follow, actionable and adaptable to your life’s circumstances will ultimately help us align your goals, needs, and wants with the management of your portfolio. In addition, we take into consideration your time horizon, income, expenses, and taxes while managing risk/reward. 

To give you a better idea, below are a few of the topics we will address:

  • Snapshot of your net worth- entire balance sheet in one place.
  • What if scenarios: longevity, loss of family member or a loved one suffers a long-
    term care event, pension cuts, low returns.
  • Risk/reward: Are you being compensated for the amount of risk you are taking or
    are you putting your plan in jeopardy?
  • Markets keep you up? We stress test your portfolio to see how different market
    environments can affect your desired outcome.
  • Risk management- Are your assets and loved ones protected?
  • Cashflow Analysis- The effects of inflation, taxes, healthcare and changing
    expenses over time. Where is your money going?
  • Maximize your benefits? Analyze multiple scenarios and help decide when to take
    social security benefits
  • Income planning- What is a safe withdrawal rate? Do you risk running out of

At Heald Financial our goal is to create an organized plan that keeps you on track and
help your goals become reality.

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